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Cheap Corvette Shirts

It is summer and you like to show how much you like your Chevrolet Corvette even you are out of the car. Or how much you like to own this auto legend?
You do not need to spend a lot of money to grab one regular Corvette t-shirt or even a Hawaiian shirt with a lot of corvettes models on it.
We already made some research and the results are more than satisfying.

Viva La CORVETTE t-shirt

Viva La CORVETTE t-shirt

We found a perfectly nice Corvette t-shirt on e-bay. If you are lucky you can grab one for as low as $10. This t-shirt have a front print which says “Viva La CORVETTE”. On the back of this black T-shirt there is a graphic with the official Chevrolet Corvette logo and writing “24 heures du Mans” which is probably something written on French. We do not know French but we assume it is something like “24 hours Le Mans”. Below this, there is some additional info about the years and places. This is our favorite cheap Corvette T-shirt.

Chevrolet Corvette Cars Hawaiian Shirt

If you insist to look like a clown we would like to inform you about a not so cheap new Corvette Cars Hawaiian Shirt which is coming in the black color with a lot of Corvettes all over the shirt. It is offered in all sizes and price is $35. We do not recommend for the people who are planning to score something this summer.
On the last place is another t-shirt which is not favored by us. It says “Wrap your ass in fiberglass”. It is a funny way to show your Chevy Corvette pride but you can buy it anyway. This t-shirt can be yours for $13 and you can find it on e-bay.

gray corvette t-shirt ebay

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  1. Great article! Maybe there should be a national Corvette t-shirt day! :)