BYD F3 Dual Mode DM hybrid car from China, review, price

BYD F3 Dual Mode DM hybrid car from China, review, price

Chinese automaker BYD Auto is one of the most aggressive Chinese automotive companies. Until today they developed the full range of vehicles starting from the smallest to largest: BYD F0, BYD F3, BYD F3R, BYD F6, BYD F3 DM, BYD S8, BYD e6 and BYD G3.

BYD F3 DM is a hybrid vehicle where DM stands for DUAL MODE. BYD F3 DM is going to be the first hybrid plug in sedan vehicle which will be produced on the mass scale. With this business decision BYD Corporation will seriously shake the hybrid vehicles market in the world and will enter US market in 2011. In USA they are going to launch their current but also a new line of plug in hybrids and all electric vehicles. BYD F3 DM is a hybrid sedan which perfectly fits in the fleet plans. Many in city transportation needs can be completely fulfilled if this vehicles are used.


Technical specification of BYD F3 DM:
BYD F3 DM is 4533 mm long, 1705 mm wide and 1490 mm high mid size sedan. The weight is 1560 kg. Wheel base is 1520 mm. From 0 to 100 km/h goes in 10.5 seconds and the top speed are 150 km/h or 93 miles per hour. The range with full battery charge is 100 km or 68 miles which is more than good for every day needs. Electricity consumption for 100 miles is 25.6 kwh and for 100 km – 16 kwh. BYD F3 DM has two engines. The first one is internal combustion 1.0 liter gasoline engine with a rated power of 50 kw or 67 hp and the second one is electric with the same power of 50 kw. The generator of the car is 25 kw (33.5 hp), which mean that this car can also be used as the mini electrical power plant which can feed with electric power 10 households. Combined power output is 125 kw or 168 hp. Batteries which are used for storing the electricity are Fe-battery and they are protected in the shell behind the back seats. The batteries can be charged from the wall socket with power outlet AC 110V/30A or 220V/16A.

BUD F3 Dual mode

The best proof and the bright future of the BYD company best explains the fact that billionaire investor Warren Buffett and the energy division of his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, bought a 10 percent shares in BYD Auto.

The price of BYD F3 DM in USA is carefully guarded company secret but according to prices of the regular BUD F3 and the importance of the American market we expect the price to be not more than $18.000.

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