Are hybrids on the dead track?

Are hybrids on the dead track?

Few decades ago in the time with a rising fuel prices, the automotive companies were looking for some new paradigms in the developing of a new generation of cars which will be less dependent on fuel and classical energy sources. New concepts were developed like hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and electric cars. The last one was common at the beginning of the last century but quickly forgotten after the First World War, only to be rediscovered in the last decade.

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Hybrid cars vas developed as automobiles with a two combined power sources. The first one is a classical internal combustion engine which power the car for the most of the time and the second one is electric which helps the car during the acceleration and drive in the traffic clogged environments like city centers, towns and high traffic lanes around the towns and cities. The electric motor is powered by the electric power from the batteries situated in the car. The electric motors also use the electric energy which is created when the driver hits the brakes and vehicle is decelerating. This concept shows a success and in the last decade the car enthusiasts and eco friendly new car owners can buy cars like Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.

The hydrogen concepts show bigger problems but few big automotive companies continue to develop hydrogen cars, hydrogen fuel cells and the concepts of the new Hydrogen Economy. One of the biggest problems for the new hydrogen cars is the nonexistence of any infrastructure for hydrogen refueling. Recently there are some efforts for building hydrogen producing plants, but also a hydrogen refueling network.

Successful electric cars were produced in the last 20 years but with a questionable success. The Major automotive companies fail in the efforts to bring clean electric vehicle to the common masses. All electric cars which were offered, or are now on the market are expensive, with small autonomy and questionable cost of ownership. The new concepts like Italian/French joint venture Pininfarina BLUECAR, Croatian Doking XD or Coda electric Car are with uncertain future or will be more expensive than the regular car of the same segment and class.

Recently a new line of VW cars called Bluemotion with an advanced diesel motor literally kill the all reasons to buy a hybrid. The VW Polo Bluemotion is burning less fuel and has less CO2 emissions than any hybrid on the market today. Another reason to buy a Bluemotion car from VW is lower price tag and lower cost of ownership.

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