2013 BMW sporty diesel electric hybrid, review, price

2013 BMW sporty diesel electric hybrid, review, price

Not so long time ago, when I was big fan of submarines I learned the fact that the best conventional propulsion for this submersibles is the diesel electric engines/motors. Now the Germans are going to try to dominate the world again and guess what? They are going to use the same proven recipe like 70 years ago – the diesel electric propulsion. Before you start to ask what a hack is going on this blog, let me to tell you that this is going to be an article for the new BMW concept of diesel electric hybrid.

bmw concept

BMW new diesel electric hybrids have astonishing look and performances. The power of the engines is 356 hp. From 0 to 60 mph the new BMW hybrid can reach in 4.8 seconds. Fuel consumption is just 63 mpg.

The design of the car is great. No one can tell that this car is made with a nature or sustainability in mind. The car looks and feel like it belongs to the race track and it is going to be a real magnet for girls. Usually the customers who care about the nature do not get this kind of attention, but the owner of this exceptional car is going to get this as the additional value. Of course this is not coming cheap. Although the price for this new concept is not revealed, there are some outside guesses that the car is coming in the low 6 figures. According to BMW goal to produce only 10.000 units per year and using some info about the BMW ActiveHybrid7 we have figured out that the new Sporty BMW hybrid will cost over 100.000 US dollars.

bmw concept side hybrid

BMW diesel electric hybrid

BMW Vision hybrid diesel electric

BMW wallpaper concept hybrid

A few months ago Hyundai revealed the similar concept with Hyundai i-flow diesel electric hybrid which will burn only 3 liters of diesel for every 100 km. This rise a question: Is BMW following the Hyundai tweeter account or they just have the similar ideas?

The new BMW diesel electric is going to enter production by end of 2012 and the first units are going to be sent to the clients in the first half of 2013. Until then we are going to buy another piggy bank so we can save enough money for it because we like this hot sexy car a lot.

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