2010 Jeep Liberty Review – spacious and safe environment for your next ride

2010 Jeep Liberty Review – spacious and safe environment for your next ride

We are sure that many of you are particularly interested in what is new in the world of sport utility vehicles. Well, if so, we have a big surprise for you. The offspring of 2010 in the family of sport utility vehicles is the 2010 Jeep Liberty the one that caught the eyes of many curious observers and car lovers when it first came out.
The advantages of this wonder-jeep can be seen at the very first glance at this brand new model simply because the first thing that will astonish you will be most probably the irresistibly handsome exterior of this SUV. The powerful and very macho-looking exterior design is the thing that will leave you speechless in front of this miracle from the SUV technology. The top is leak-proof; the shape is tough which was not something expected and similar to the previous series which were rather of a more square shape.

2010 jeep liberty renegade

Since the interior comes to question 2010 Jeep Liberty is a spacious and comfortable five-seat vehicle. The seats are made of a fabric which is resistant against stains, odor and static electricity.

Aside from being a surprise when exterior comes to question, the interior of Jeep Liberty contains much more handy features, like remote entry, power heated exterior mirrors, rain-sensitive wipers, power windows, auxiliary audio input jack and many more which makes the interior of this vehicle a comfortable and functional environment which will enable you to have an easy and comfortable ride. It is a fact, generally acknowledged, that 2010 Jeep Liberty is the first of its sort to have the highly functional interior Jeep Liberty has.

2010 jeep liberty renegade

Since the performances come to question, there are not as many surprises as those since the exterior and interior come to question. It enables a ride, rather improved than that you would experience from a non SUV vehicle model with disciplined brakes which action immediately without producing unpleasant sounds.

From the power and acceleration point of view, here we have a V6 engine with the capacity of 2.7 liters, with the ability to produce 210 horsepower. The fuel economy of this sport utility vehicle is okay, however it is not something special in comparison to other compact sports utility vehicles, the good thing about this series of liberty is that it has an automatic fuel shut-down system which saves fuel when going low. As for the speed properties, it has a four-speed automatic transmission.
Since both on-road and off-road managing come to question, the 2010 Jeep Liberty. With the least of your effort it produces a pleasant ride.

2010 jeep liberty renegade

Since safety comes to question this SUV is fully equipped with airbags from the front, back, as well as curtain airbags and anti-lock brakes. Aside from a comfortable and easy ride, you get a safe ride to, and to the maximum.

Now, about the price… In other reviews you only get to see the invoice price put by the manufacturer, however in this report you will see the whole story. The invoice prices of all 4 sub-models go from about 22 to 27 thousand dollars, however what you will really pay for this vehicle goes from 23.5 to 28 thousand dollars (the highest goes for the Limited sub-model).

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  1. Jeep Liberty has excellent off-road capabilities. But Toyota RAV4 Subaru Forester offer better on-pavement driving experiences. Liberty is well qualified with robust chassis, impressive ground clearance, steep approach angles and proficient four-wheel-drive systems.

  2. New features: remote entry, power heated exterior mirrors, rain-sensitive wipers, power windows, auxiliary audio input jack. I love this SUV!

    They have improved it significantly.