<title> Why Humidifiers are Important in Car Manufacture</title>

Why Humidifiers are Important in Car Manufacture

By John a car fanatic who works for a German company selling humidifiers (Luftbefeuchter)

Humidifiers have many different applications when it comes to the manufacture of cars. There is an optimum humidity that the room needs to be kept at to allow the most efficient transfer of paint to the car body. This will also stop the water based paints from evaporating and thus will reduce the costs to the manufacturer.

Car Factory Humidifiers

The better transfer of paint to the body of the car may not seem that important but it has allowed car manufacturers to produce high quality finishes that do not need to be re-done. This small improvement alone has increase the amount of cars that successfully pass through the paintwork inspection process by 8% in one particular case.

Some advanced techniques can applied in the car manufacturing process by using humidifiers. One of which is keep the humidity at a certain level when using sand decks. What this does is give the sand particles the same charge as the body of the car thus the sand dust particles are repelled and do not spoil the finish.

Car Factory Humidifiers

Car Factory Humidifiers

Car Factory Humidifiers

The engine is of course the most important feature of the car and goes through rigorous tests to ensure it is up to standard. One of these tests involves being able to test the engine at very high temperatures to re-create what it would be like on a hot day when the engine has been going for a while.

In the case of Formula 1 cars the engines are tuned to cope with the specific conditions of the country that the cars are racing in by using humidifiers the conditions can be recreated and tested on the engines before they race.

As you can see humidifiers are very useful in the automotive industry and can be used in many different ways all to ensure that the cars produced are of the best quality possible and will be able to stand up to the extreme conditions they may face.

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