<title> US automotive market on the second place behind the chinese </title>

US automotive market on the second place behind the chinese

2010 2011 chinese automotive market car sales

One of the biggest automakers GM reported car sales in March in China are 68% higher than in the same month in 2009. According to the GM automotive sales experts, China can consume 2 million GM and GM partners vehicles in 2010. The sales of the GM cars in US in 2009 were 2.1 million vehicles which is only 5% more than the Chinese.

In the next 2-3 years China can become the biggest auto market for many global automotive players. VW is investing more than 2,1bn US dollars (1,6bn Euro) in 2010 and in the next 3 years the total investments in the VW China operations will be 8 billion American dollars. VW goals are to become the world biggest auto producer and to take the primate from Toyota. According to the VW plans this will happen in year 2018. VW will invest more than 28bn American dollars globally for fulfilling these plans.

Beijing Motor Show case is showing that this Automotive Show is becoming one of the most important in the world and it is placing USA motor shows on the second place. More and more car producers are choosing this Motor Show as the place to promote their new models and to show new brave concepts.

Chery Automobile Co. and other Chinese automakers look like they forget the American market although this statement needs to be taken with a suspicion. But in the next few years it is clear that the China auto makers will try to take a bigger percentage of the domestic market and the global expansion is going to be on the second place in their plans.

2010 2011 chinese automotive market car sales

2010 2011 chinese automotive market car sales

China has only 48 vehicles per 1,000 people which make this country with her growing middle class hungry for the new cars. Other countries close to China like Thailand and Malaysia have 200 to 300 cars per 1,000 people and the expansion of the Chinese car manufacturers in these countries is more than inevitable. The fact that both countries have strong and vibrant economies makes this plans viable and logic.

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