<title> US auto market dominated by female car buyers</title>

US auto market dominated by female car buyers

According to the recent statistics, we are pretty confident to say that women dominate US auto market in the 2010. Recent study has shown that more than 52% of the all the new cars sold this year to date are bought by female drivers. Even more, the statistics clearly says that women influence more than 85 percent of all the car purchases in new and used cars segment.

US auto market female car buyers

When buying a car, women look at situation from a different point of view. They are more concerned about the fuel economy; they often don’t mind what color is the car and are not bothered with the wealth of technical details. Women are simply doing their homework and are searching for best deals online, visiting several dealerships and when they actually decide to buy a car, they are sure they are getting a car according to their needs. It seems that women are more reasonable and using their brain more than their hearts when choosing their new car.

US auto market female car buyers

US auto market female car buyers

Often, the choices are the new powerful 4-cylinder engines and urban SUVs, ideal for the family weekend, bringing the children to school and other daily city activities. Expensive stereo options, huge rims and tires, more powerful 6 or 8-cylinder engines are not a popular choice, they seem unnecessary to women.

Statistics data include many car manufactures, US, European and Asian including GMC, Chevrolet.

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  1. HID says:

    Thats crazy. Looks like females are better at money management then guys lol