The Seven Secrets To Saving On Fuel

The Seven Secrets To Saving On Fuel

Let’s face it. The recession has barely started to show signs of recovery and gasoline prices are still climbing higher each and every day. Within a few weeks, the summer travel season will begin with full force, meaning that you will be paying an even higher price for gasoline. To help ease the burden on your wallet, we have put together seven tips that you can apply today and that will help you start saving on your fuel costs instantly. Look over them and start applying them as soon as possible.

1. Start Keeping Track Of Your Mileage

This tip might seem a little random, but it actually helps you improve your personal fuel savings. Everyone has their own driving style, vehicle quality, etc. As you apply fuel savings measures, take a mental note of your mileage and how much you are savings. Learn what works and what does not work for you. Whether it is taking a different shorter route or modifying your vehicle, keep track of how it is affecting your fuel.

Secrets To Saving On Fuel

2. Less Speeding Means Less Waste

Everyone has heard this tip but it is often ignored for the sake of getting their faster. If the traffic rush is an issue, then try scheduling your driving fifteen to thirty minutes earlier when there are less cars on the road. Put the vehicle in cruise and stop waisting extra fuel by speeding up every few minutes to pass another car. A significant amount of fuel is wasted if you do this constantly.

3. Lose The Weight

The less mass that your engine has to propel forward, the less fuel is required to do so. Anything heavy that you may have in the backseat or trunk that does not have to be there is simply eating up more of your fuel. This is simple to accomplish and just takes some common sense and action on your part.

4. Double Check Your Tire Pressure

If your tires are not performing their share of the workload efficiently, then your engine is going to make up for it by using more fuel. Make sure your tires are properly inflated at least once a week, more if you are a heavy driver or if you are driving on an extended trip.

5. Stay On Top Of Your Oil

If it affects your engine’s performance, then it affects your fuel. Change your motor oil on time and your engine will operate with less resistance, meaning less fuel will be consumed. Invest in a high quality motor oil and keep up to date with the recommended oil changes for your vehicle.

6. Use The Right Octane Level

Your engine is designed to work most efficiently with a certain type of fuel. Using anything with a lower octane level will lower its performance and will end up costing you more since the engines will draw more fuel to power it properly. It will cost more, but will waste less and will avoid future engine trouble.

7. Limit Your Air Conditioning

Try to only use your air conditioning when you really need it. If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, then there will only be one or possibly two seasons where you can live without it and just roll down the windows. If you live in a moderate climate however, you can save fuel by using the air conditioning feature sparingly.

What is the biggest secret to saving on fuel costs? Start applying these tips. Because they are so simple and easy, it is not difficult to just disregard them. Try them for a week and you will be amazed at the savings you will experience. Have your own fuel savings tips and tricks? Please share and discuss them in the comment section below.

Sabas Chapa is a freelance writer and web entrepreneur. His most recent project involves writing about the proper use of an electric knife sharpener. He is a born and raised Chevy boy, and can be reached via Twitter at sabascjr.

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  1. Good tips, but turning of the aircon ain’t really practical atm.