Self Drive Holidays

Self Drive Holidays

If you feel like a change from the normal holiday experience then there are always self drive holidays. Whether you’re going off-road for a safari in Africa or you just want to cruise the streets in some of the quaint little villages of France then a self drive holiday could be for you.

Land Rover in the Snow

Off roading Ford SUV

Many people combine the fun of their own driving holiday with walking holidays meaning that they get to explore some rugged terrain whilst still being able to use their own vehicle.

citroen spacek blue in the woods

Packaged tours are becoming a thing of the past and the young and adventurous are now keen to take their holiday into their own hands, buy a cheap vehicle and go on their own holiday. Self drive holidays can save you money as well and allow you the flexibility to go and see what you want when you feel like it without being tied into a schedule.

Car in the dirt mud slippery wheels

Make sure you follow a few simple steps when it comes to planning your self drive holiday and you are sure to have a good time:

  • Get loads of information on the places you want to and make sure you take a few tools and a spare tyre just in case
  • A spare car battery will come in handy as well because you never know where you will find yourself, so it is a good to have as a precaution
  • Take a map and of course bring a camera along as I’m sure you will discover some beautiful views on your travels
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