Save big on car parts, buy from wrecked and destroyed cars

Save big on car parts, buy from wrecked and destroyed cars

Recently I had a problem with my Hyundai Accent, model 1998. The computer of the car broke and the whole car just went off. Naturally I went to my service advisor at the Hyundai dealership and he gives me the estimation for the problem and the price for the parts.

I was surprised how expensive the parts for the cars are because after 12 years of exploitation this was the first serious problem with my Hyundai workhorse. After 12 years of ownership I can say only that the quality of the car is on the level which can be expected only from the at least twice more expensive cars.

Save big on car parts buy from wrecked crashed cars

Hyundai service advisor gave me a real advice. He told me to go and find used computer from some wrecked Accent which is a same model with mine. After three weeks of a quest, I found the used computer which price was really sensational. For the old Hyundai Accent computer module I pay only 10% of the price for a new part in the dealership. I went to the Hyundai service with the used computer module and they repaired my car within 2 hours.

Instead of paying 1.500 US dollars, the problem with my Accent was solved for $250 including parts and labor. I walked out happily from the Hyundai service garage, and the service advisor was also happy because of a big tip I left for him and other great guys over there.

From that day I drive my car almost 8 months without any problems. The only thing which is different is the cooler fan which is turning on when I start the car instead when the temperature goes high. Probably the computer modules are not completely the same and 100% compatible.

Until now I do not have any harassment with this minor problem. I hope my experience was helpful and you will pay more attention on alternative sourcing for the parts when next time you car needs one.

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  1. Thats a great idea. But the used car market now a days give a bit low value for wrecked ones. Rest everything is fine