Red Bus inspires Bingo Site

Red Bus inspires Bingo Site

Red Bus Bingo London

Being a motor enthusiast, you’re no doubt familiar with the famous London Red Bus? Now there’s a bingo site that’s featuring the legendary London figure – Red Bus Bingo.

The London Bus has long been one of London’s main icons. They are a one-of-a-kind rear-entrance double-decker Routemaster vehicle that has been recognised worldwide since their inception. The red bus has held a special place in London’s culture for years and has played a part in many films, art and music. Now, it’s time for UK bingo to take advantage of the legendary Red Bus name.

The Red Bus Bingo site launched earlier this month and is themed around the famous London red bus – with a giant logo and graphic of the bus on its homepage, many auto-themed promotions and games, and bus tickets instead of bingo cards.

A prominent bingo site, Cute Bingo, supposes that the London Red Bus themed bingo site is going to be a hit with bus, motor and car enthusiasts alike.

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