New 100 Percent Renewable Biodiesel Tested and Produced at Neste Oil Corporation

New 100 Percent Renewable Biodiesel Tested and Produced at Neste Oil Corporation

Neste Oil Corporation is not a new name on the fuel scene. It in its home country, Finland, it has already begun trials of Neste Green 100 diesel fuel, (100 percent biofuel) produced from 100 % renewable raw materials, free of any fossil components. This fuel will be offered on the Finnish market for the start.

Neste Oil Corporation Refineries

We are happy to hear that another company is devoting at least a part of its production to producing clean biofuel. Neste Oil tries something that hasn’t been done before. Their biofuel will be tested across wide range of different cars, according to Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Sakari Toivola. The test will include private individuals and Neste Oil employees. Additionally, test drivers will use Neste Green 100 diesel from mid-May to Mid-summer, while the company employees have already started using the fuel and are happily riding their cars, knowing that they are not polluting our planet any more. As this biofuel is not available everywhere across the Finland, the drivers will be required to fill up at Neste Oil Service stations in Greater Helsinki.

Neste Oil, some universities and many companies around the globe are eagerly waiting for the results as the previous smaller range tests have shown that Neste Oil’s renewable fuel offers significant advantages compared to conventional biodiesel. Green house effects of its entire life cycle are 40-80 % percent lower than those from the fossil diesel, and its exhaust emissions are also lower by a big margin.

Biodiesel Biofield

Neste Green diesel is already available at most of the Nest Oil Stations in Finland. This cleaner fuel contains at least 10% renewable diesel blended with conventional diesel fuel. But their goal is to offer biofuel from 100 percent renewable resources across all Finland, so everyone in that country can enjoy the clean fuel with zero emissions. There are even bolder plans for worldwide coverage.

Neste Oil is leading worldwide supplier of clean renewable high-quality traffic fuels. Their refineries are located in Porvoo and Naantali in Finland and according to the info at their website, they have a combined crude oil refining capacity of approx, 260,000 barels/day. The company had net sales of EUR 9.6 billion in 2009 and employs around 5,100 people. Neste Oil’s share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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