Multi-functional solutions for both your looks and vision

Multi-functional solutions for both your looks and vision

Eyewear has become a very crucial part in our lives. For some, is a part of their image they could not possibly part. For many others, unfortunately, prescription glasses are a necessity, especially due to the way of living during the last decades. Television has become main part of entertainment, as well as a mirror through the world, computers have become important parts of our leisure time, homework and work assignments. However, high technology brings high level of radiation as well and our eyes suffer the most.

multifunctional prescription glasses

So, wearing glasses will not only give you a better look, but will also help you protect yourself from the influence of the dangerous assets from the modern technology we are obliged to use. If you are one of the many unfortunate souls and high radiation has caused a great damage to your sight, or you simply have a genetic vision anomaly like astigmatism you cannot possibly prevent, do not fret do visit your optometrist, because even though you must wear glasses and it is not a part of your image, you can still look good with choosing the right frame.

Speaking about glasses for women, they have more difficult job in choosing the right frame than men, since there is much more diversity in colours, shapes and styles than the narrowed choices of glasses for men for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. The thing you should first have in mind is the shape of your face, this will help you go in the right direction. Since you have got a closer look what your glasses should look like according to the shape of your face, your job becomes much easier, then you choose whether you would prefer bold or thin frame, discrete or remarkable…the variety of choices is one of the reasons why is better to be a woman.

Another type of multi-functional glasses is the great achievement of Benjamin Franklin in 1760 – the bifocal glasses. These are great for those who suffer from presbyopia and have both convex and concave lenses for both types of vision correction (both for distant viewing and for reading).

For those who are too lazy to go to a traditional eyewear store or simply are disappointed by the narrow choice and high prices, your solution might be buying your piece of glasses online. There usually is a catalogue for every online store with wider choice and at more convenient prices.

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