Make Driving Affordable

Make Driving Affordable

a lots of moneyMore and more people are giving up driving due to the rising costs that motorists are facing, but today I’m going to explain some basic principles that may help you get back on the road!

On Monday I decided to conduct a little test to work out exactly how much it would cost me to purchase and run a car for the next 12 months and here are the steps I took:

• Visited a local dealer for a price on a basic level vehicle
• Called up the first insurance company that I came across to find out how much it would cost to insure this vehicle
• Looked up road tax prices for that vehicle.
• Calculating the mileage I am currently clocking up and the current price of fuel, I was able to work out roughly how much I would spend in fuel over the next 12 months (assuming costs don’t rise further).

And the result was astonishing! To purchase and run a new car for the next 12 months it would cost me a massive £21,495 ($32,830.89) and that really is far beyond stupid. At that price there is no way I could afford to run a new car or any car for that matter! But that is exactly the dilemma people are facing and there are some very easy steps that can be taken to avoid these crippling costs!


fueling a car The first major problem is the cost of fuel! As any one who watches the news will know, fuel prices are at a record high right now and show no signs of falling, but I don’t want to get too far into that. There is however a number of ways to lower the amount you’ll be paying for fuel.

You can’t magically lower today’s prices but if you’re looking at buying a new car, then try to choose carefully. Generally the bigger the engine a car has, the more fuel its likely to use! So do you really need such a big engine? I know I don’t! So if not look into a different car and look for one that wont eat your money!

There are also certain websites you can visit which will actually list all fuel stations in your area in order of price! Personally I think driving miles out to the cheapest station in town is a bit eccentric, chances are you’ll spend more than you save…but hey! It’s an option!


sold cars Personally I think when it comes to buying a new car, most people have no idea how much they should actually be spending.

Weather your buying new or used there are a number of ways you can cut cost. First of all, never go straight to your nearest dealer and hand over your money! There is no reason why any one should pay list price, thanks to the internet there are allot of tools that can be used to compare prices. For example I work for a company called and they will provide free quotes on both new and used vehicles. So try “ask a price” or try another price comparison site, but either way, SHOP AROUND! That’s the real key here; people don’t understand the value shopping around has! Sites like ask a price compare prices from all your local dealers and give you the best one and you can save thousands!!


car insurance This is the second big one! But unlike purchasing a car, insurance payments are never ending! Different companies charge different prices, that’s the case with everything, but until you’ve actually looked closely you’ll never believe just HOW DIFFERENT!

So instead of going direct to the insurance company and paying the prices they ask for, save you self some money….Again…..using the internet! Visit price comparison websites and hunt out the best deals, it all comes down to shopping around, we need to shop around!
A website I have used myself is, there are lots of others such as go compare, but I’ve always found great deals at confused, so if you haven’t tried it for yourself then check it out!

You do have to remember, there are many factors that come into play to determine how much your insurance will cost, some of these are: the type of car you have, the area you live in, the value of the car, your age, your occupation and once again, the size of the engine the car has, the bigger the engine the higher the price will be! So once again, if you haven’t purchased the car yet, take those points into consideration!


road tax Finally “VED” which is more commonly known as vehicle tax is calculated by the CO2 emissions for each individual vehicle. Before any new car is sent out into the world its CO2 emissions are tested and recorded, Vehicles are then split into “Tax Bands” for each band the cost is different, so if your buying a car, find out from the seller/dealer what band the car comes under and then go online and get the prices!

With all these points taken into account I then got a second price for: a new car, car insurance, road tax and then added that to the cost of fuel I was likely to use. Last time I done this, it cost me £21,495 ($32,830.89) this time round I even amazed myself! It cost me just £16,455 ($25,130,09) and just through shopping around!

I hope that this post will have gave you some insight as to not only how things are calculated but how you can combat prices and regardless of where you go, just make sure you shop around.

Author: Ant Bradshaw works for who provide new car prices.

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