<title> First commercial hydrogen car Toyota Targets $50,000 Price</title>

First commercial hydrogen car Toyota Targets $50,000 Price

Toyota Motor Corp is famous by their hybrid cars and likes to continue with their philosophy of a car maker which is the first in the eco friendly technologies. In this moment the most important for Toyota is to make and start to sell the first commercial viable hydrogen car. Toyota’s executive Yoshihiko Masuda said that the first car will cost around $50.000 and will not lose money to the company.

TOYOTA FCHV hybrid hydrogen SUV

In the early 2000, hydrogen car prototype was costing one million dollars and in the last couple of years the cost of production dropped nearly 90%
The first hydrogen car will be a mid size sedan with an operating autonomy of the cars with a gasoline powered engine. The new cheaper hydrogen vehicles which in the fuel cells are using platinum will have less of this precious metal and that will significantly drop the price of the new hydrogen car manufacturing.

In the production of the hydrogen cars at this stage a 30 grams of platinum is needed for one car. The same quantity is using GM too. In the next stage of commercialization Toyota plans are to use only 10 grams per car.

TOYOTA FCHV hybrid hydrogen SUV

TOYOTA FCHV hybrid hydrogen SUV

If Toyota succeeds to produce and sell hydrogen cars without losing money this will be a great boost for the other producers and for the whole industry which is behind the hydrogen cars and hydrogen economy in whole.

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