<title> Ferrari faces lowering orders and job cuts</title>

Ferrari faces lowering orders and job cuts

Scuderia Ferrari, based in Maranello , it is steadily growing in the past few years, constantly increasing the number of luxury, handmade supercars, from 3,775 in 1999 to 6, 587 in 2008 and with a slow declining in 2009 ,with 6,294 vehicles sold.

Ferrari 599 GTO 2011

May 2010, the maker of supercars Ferrari plans to eliminate 9 % of its workforce and to idle production after Maserati reduced the number of engines ordered from 9000 in 2008 to 4500 in 2009. Because Ferrari plans to cut 150 factory jobs and 120 office jobs in exchange for the last payment of a 2009 bonus due April, the workers have being staging a four hours walk-out.

Giordani Fiorano, a representant of the union of workers , has been discussing with Ferrari : “ Ferrari has proposed to pay the bonuses if we accept the job cuts”.As well, Ferrari wants to lay off about 600 workers for 7 days, a factory in Maranello being on idle. Stefano Lai, the spokesperson of Ferrari is confirming the plans of lowering the number of employees and putting the production on hold. Also, to some employees will be offered early retirement and certain jobs will be outsourced .

It is a controversy between Fiorani , who says that Ferrari planned to build 20,000 vehicles and they cut down to about 11,000 and Lai, who affirms that Ferrari is maintaining the production at about 6,000 cars, similar to previous year.
Trading profit in 2009 fell 30 percent with 7,4 percent less in sales,while in the first quarter of this year decreased 28 percent to 39 million euros ( approx. 50 million dollars).

Ferrari 458 Italia 2011

Ferrari California 2009

Ferrari California 2009

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  1. Used Cars says:

    I am sad to hear that! So many people will be left without job, and so many will be payed badly to outsource.