<title> CT&T Co. Korea will build an electric vehicles factory in Hawaii</title>

CT&T Co. Korea will build an electric vehicles factory in Hawaii

CT&T Co., a Korea-based maker of electric vehicles is going to build an electric vehicles factory in the US state of Hawaii. This business decision is going to bring CT&T to American market and it is going to have a big impact on the Hawaiian economy.

ct&t multi amphibious vehicle

The new CT&T factory which will be constructed in Hawaii is going to be a showcase of the new emerging technologies by itself. The plan is this manufacturing plant to be not only just a car factory but also a theme park and tourist attraction. The whole investment is going to be $200 million and it will employ 400 workers. The other services around the factory will also need a workforce so the total employment numbers climb on 1.000 people. CT&T also have a plan to open an education center for the children. A resort will be built as the part of the whole project and there are some rumors that the whole project will be off the grid. This will be a great boost to the local economy but also will keep Hawaii clean because the produced vehicles are going to be sold not only on the mainland but also on the islands because they are perfect for the electric vehicles which top speed is not going to be more than 50 miles per hour.

ct&t multi amphibious vehicle

ct&t electical vehicle police

ct&t electical sports car

The electric vehicles build in the new CT&T factory are going to cost between $8.000 and $20.000 dollars. The models with two seats have a top speed of 45 miles per hour and autonomy of 75 miles, which is very suitable for the islands. In the production plans are also a sport car with a top speed of near 100 miles per hour, utility vehicles, golf charts and amphibious vehicle with four seats.

When fully operational the capacity of the new CT&T manufacturing plant is going to be 10.000 vehicles per year. The expected monthly operating cost of those vehicles is going to be as much as seven US dollars.

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