Cool Key Remotes for Cars

Cool Key Remotes for Cars

Key Remotes for Cars

The days where a metal key was the only way to open or start a car are long since past. Nowadays, technology has advanced to the point where you can do nearly anything with a key remote for your car. Ok, not anything-but almost. In fact, many cars don’t even require a key to be put into the ignition in order to get going.

Most new cars come with at least four features on their remote keys. There’s an option to lock the doors, unlock the doors, open the trunk or start the car alarm; and all these options are standard! There are even more amazing abilities available for the fancier types of car key remote options too. Sure, you’ve heard of the car fobs that can start the engine from several feet away. Well you haven’t seen anything yet.

How about the key remotes for cars that can start up the heater or air conditioning? Yes- they exist. Those are some pretty cool fobs. Many of them measure less than two inches long which makes them incredibly sleek and easy to carry around.

This next key remote for a car is something that has definitely turned heads. It’s plethora of options make it undoubtedly one of the coolest key remotes for cars ever. It’s a remote controller DVR recorder image capturing camera with infrared light. That name is a mouthful which simply describes the variety of things this little beauty can do. It comes equipped with a mini sized video recorder with several functions to choose from. Its image capturing camera is ready at a seconds notice as it is easily located on your keychain. It also has an infrared light attached as well.

Something that truly sets this cool car key remote aside from other ones like it is the fact that it has password capabilities. This means that when you connect it to a computer, the password protection kicks in so that others are unable to get information from it. It’s confidential, useful and incredibly unique. As if that weren’t enough, it comes with your choice of 1, 2 or 4 GB of memory. It’s sleek looking design and compact shape makes this accessory one that you’ll never want to part with. Indeed, there are some incredibly awesome key remotes for cars available to match up with the fanciest cars around.

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