Classic Cars for Surfing

Classic Cars for Surfing

For people who love surfing as much as they like driving there are only a few cars that can be considered as suitable for you. First of all you need a vehicle that is big enough to carry you surf board and has space for you to stuff all you roxy and animal clothing into.

Surfer van and Mini

Of course it needs to be reliable and stylish as well. Here are types of cars I would consider some of the best for surfing:


tagged colored minivan

Great if you want to go surfing in places you’re not meant to be because you can stuff your surf boards and gear in the back and when you have a model with tinted windows no one will ever know what you’re up to. In addition to this if you feel like taking the whole family out for a day of surfing then a minivan is the way to go.

Camper Van

Classic Volkswagen Van Red

Dirty Camper Van

The classic VW split screen van has been synonymous with surfers and hippies every since it started production in 1950. It meets all of our criteria; clearly it is a nice spacious mode of transport as well as having a great record for reliability. With its classic looks a split screen van in good condition is bound to get you noticed. It’s a great van for a rainy day because it’s spacious enough to get all your friends into while you wait for that killer wave to come.

Pickup Truck

1965 Pickup Truck

pickup truck in black and white

very old pickup truck rusty

Chevrolet old pickup truck

The always reliable pickup truck is a great car for surfing because you can chuck all your stuff in the back after a long day in the water without it messing up your interior. Extremely popular in Australia where it is referred to as a ute the pickup truck has become a favorite amongst Australian surfers in particular.

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