<title> Bufori MkVI Geneva Luxury Saloon Engine Photos</title>

Bufori MkVI Geneva Luxury Saloon Engine Photos

Bufori is an automotive company with a venture capital from Australia and headquarter in Malaysia. The whole concept of the company is to produce super exotic luxury cars in the small series. Actually we cannot talk about serial production of the cars because with an endless customization options, every car is a different product.
The new MKVI Luxury Saloon was presented on the 2010 Geneva Motor Show where a huge interest was noticed for this unusual concept. Because the debut is on this prestigious motor show the code name of the concept is simply Bufori Geneva.

2010 Bufori MkVI Geneva

The design of this new concept is inspired by the cars build in 1930 and it is trying to target the niche market for the car enthusiast who loves the concept and design of those times. It is going to be a four door saloon with an endless custom option. For the clients with specific orders and tastes, a lot of options will be available, even a cigar humidor. For the engine there are plans to be a V8 6.1 liter engine. At this moment there is no information which motor making company will provide the engine, but it needs to be with at least 430 hp and 569 Nm of torque. The acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is for less than 6 seconds and the top speed is more than 260 km/h. The optional supercharger can increase the power of the engine to 560 hp and 690 Nm of torque.

2010 Bufori MkVI Geneva

2010 Bufori MkVI Geneva

Bufori MkVI Luxury Saloon is going to be made of hybrid carbon fiber and Kevlar. Vinulester resin is also going to be used for the infusion in the body of the car. The front headlamps are going to be integrated bi-xenon lights and the rear lights are going to be LED. The design of the car is with a long running boards classy and classical look and with an optional sunroof and short rear end. The interior will be made of finest materials with some unusual options like tea set with boiling water set, sink, espresso machine and ice box. Mini bar and champagne ice box, place for the glasses and humidor for the expensive cigars. Safe box will be also available for the valuables, money or important documents.

The first Bufori MkVI Luxury Saloon or Bufori Geneva will roll out of the production line by the end of the summer and the first units will be delivered to the clients by the end of 2010.

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