2010 is Alfa Romeo Giulietta 50th anniversary

2010 is Alfa Romeo Giulietta 50th anniversary

Back in may 2004, Milan, the home city of Alfa Romeo was hosting the celebration of Giulietta 50th birthday, the tiny coupe which created the new image of Alfa Romeo cars.

Societa Anonima Italiana Darracq was the original company founded in 1906 by the French carmaker Darracq in cooperation with a group of Italian investors. Later on, because of the low sales ,the French part withdraw from the Italian factory, and in late 1909 the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobile was born, showing dedication to make limited editions of racing cars, which result in creating many successful models.

In 1915 Nicola Romeo became the director of the company and changed the production to support Italian military industry. Finally in 1920 the name is changed from A.L.F.A. to Alfa Romeo, well known until our days.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

With Enzo Ferrari as driver in the racing team and Giuseppe Merosi as head designer, company continued to produce successfully both road and race cars.The biggest turn in Alfa Romeo history is in the early 1950s, when the company start working on the idea of a small and affordable sedan for mass production. The result of the temptation to create something new and different than the rest was first presented in 1954 at the Turin Motor Show, with great response from the public. The new jewel in Alfa Romeo family was named Giulietta offered until 1955 as a coupe version only, then as a sedan, open two-seat Giulietta Spider, followed with the more powerful version, with minor cosmetic changes on the hood, presented in 1957 named Giulietta TI(Turismo Internazionale). Giulietta was produced until 1965 and many changes were done on the basic version. The station wagon variant called Giulietta Promiscua was offered in the following years, with a very limited production of only 91 cars.

The great 1,3-liter powerplant was developing 60 horse powers with the single Solex carburetor and together with the equally good four-speed gearbox was standard offer for Giulietta until 1955, when with small modification and a pair of Weber carburetors the number of horse powers were increased from 60 to 90.

By using light materials like plastic for the sides of the windows and aluminum for the doors and hoods, some 250 pounds was cut off from the weight of the car. Lighter Giulietta could reach 60 mph from rest in 10 seconds and more than 110 mph maximum speed.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In following years more changes will be done to improve the performance of the basic Giulietta. Horsepower would be increased with installing a new, larger engine with similar design. The new 1570cc engine deliver 92 horsepower in normal form and impressive 112 horsepower with Veloce trim. Together with the new powerplant, new five speed gearbox is developed making a great match for the new series of Giulietta. As the new 1,6-liter engine replaced the smaller 1,3-litter,from late 1962 Giulia is the new name of a successful story called Giulietta.

After stopping the production in 1965 true replacement of Giulietta is not produced, still the name is used again in 1977 when Alfa Romeo Giulietta (nuova) was introduced on the market but the car was really replacing Alfetta model. One more time, in late 2009 Alfa Romeo Giulietta (type 940) is showing up but this time replacing the older Alfa Romeo 149.

Today we can say that the design of Giulietta is truly timeless and used as a reference point by designers from all around the globe, still wanted and desired like fifty years ago when first show up.

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  1. The new Giulietta does look amazing though. There aren’t many car models that become timeless but Alfa manages it time and again. They’ve got an amazing heritage and I hope they’ll a future that’s just as successful.

  2. The first Giulietta was built in 1954. and its engine had the distinction of being the smallest twin-cam motor to be made ‘in such quantity’. The car was a sporty coupe and quickly became a favourite with driving enthusiasts and enthusiastic drivers alike. I would say that still is!