1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe Sold for record $30 Million

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe Sold for record $30 Million

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As great art goes, it’s always intriguing to see what that beauty can be worth. While one Picasso may be bought for $30,000, another is sold at a record breaking $106 million. Classic cars are no different. To automotive connoisseurs, a vintage car is a beautiful work of art, splendid in its form, performance, and aesthetic appeal. They are just as precious as a painting or sculpture, and now demand as much money in the car collecting market. This past Saturday, as with the Picasso before it, the 1930s Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic set a record to become the world’s most expensive car at $30 million.

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe from 1936

As billionaires look for alternatives to risky financial investments, they are preferring to invest in highly rated pieces of art and classic cars to offset the investment roller coaster that is now the stock market. With interest rates extremely low, some investors have made a lot of money and rather than take the risk of losing it again, they are opting for the long-term alternative. According to John Collins, of U.K.-based Ferrari dealers Talacrest 2000 AD Ltd., “They want to buy real assets that have a limited supply and that won’t go down in value. Modern art and classic cars are tracking each other at the moment.”

The Bugatti, now owned by California-based collector Peter W. Mullin, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful automobiles ever made. David Gooding, the auction house’s president, said in a statement the Bugatti is, “One of the world’s most significant and valuable automobiles that has been in a private collection and rarely seen during the past four decades.” The Bugatti 57SC Atlantic is a motor car that comes as close to being a unique work of art as it can get. And considering the car is one of only two survivors, the other owned by fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, the steep price is completely justified. The car is iconic, and if its condition is maintained, the value will only continue to rise.

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