Who killed the hybrid car? Volkswagen Polo did!

Who killed the hybrid car? Volkswagen Polo did!

Many readers, at least the readers which are familiar with the clean transport technologies will say that the headline is not very original and they are right. The headline is famous and in the original is “Who killed the electric car”. The movie with the same name was about the electric cars which produced twenty years ago were promising the new technology, new economy and new life for our planet.

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

Honda Insight

Toyota Prius

The headline for this article is just to express my opinion about the new VW Polo Bluemotion. Bluemotion is the new VW philosophy for building new cars which are more fuel saving, more eco friendly and guess cheaper than hybrids.

VW Polo Bluemotion is a five door, five-seater small hatchbacks which is perfect for city drive, going to work, but also for shopping or short trips with a whole family. VW Polo Bluemotion will exhaust just 87 g CO2/km which makes it one of the cleanest cars in the world. The fuel efficiency is just stunning. With 85.6 mpg (2.75l/100km) VW Polo Bluemotion is one of the most fuel saving cars which are coming on the market today.

In the company of VW Polo Bluemotion the hybrids like Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are looking like sinners. Both of these hybrids are simply dirtier than VW Polo Bluemotion with more than 100 grams of CO2/km.

The new VW Polo Bluemotion has a 1.2 liters 74hp diesel engine and improved aerodynamics. The car is lowered by 10mm and it is fitted with a new low resistance rolling pneumatics around the 15 inch alloys. The car is fitted with a new stop/start system and smart alternator. These two new gadgets are saving 0.25 litters on every 100 km. This car is made to save fuel so it is understandable to have the longer third, fourth and fifth gear.

VW Polo Bluemotion is going on sale in May 2010 and it will cost around £12,000 or $18,500. The price tag in euro is 13,500 euro.

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  1. The whole VW Bluemotion line is awarded with 2010 world green car of the year award:


  2. These VWs get keep getting more and more ugly in design. It’s a great car alright just wish they had made it alittle prettier at least.

  3. Congrats to the VW Bluemotion line. Now lets work on bringing the costs down a little.