How to FULLY bypass VATS and save your car!

Thousands of people are losing their cars, don’t be one of them !

Beware of the so called factory security systems or immobilizers, they hide behind many different names given by the auto industry to make them look more effective and advanced.

Those systems are born with the great idea of preventing theft, but they end up killing cars and forcing their legitimate owners to often give up their hopes and junk them just for the only reason of them failing. It’s happening by the thousands… Every month!

Scary thing eh? It is! Especially in recession times where families cannot buy another car and absolutely need their car to be able to make it to their workplace every single morning.

VATS, PassKey, PassLock, Transponder, PATS, PKIII and many others are the names they are given. They look all different, but they all have one single thing in common: they kill your car after she reaches the age of 7. And another thing in common they have: your dealer will ask you 1,000$ to fix them (so that they can break again…).

Then you might ask, “why should I go to the dealer and not to a small mechanic shop with a better price?” – Because those are “security systems” remember? And as such they can be threated only by authorized dealers.

So then, you think, “well, if my car is worth much more than 1000$ (which I doubt after 7+ years…), I’ll go the dealer and spend those money”… Not that easy! Do you know the greatest aspirations of any dealer in the world? Selling you a new car. So guess what? Most of those security system have been discontinued and cannot be fixed nor replaced.

And your car is dead and will NEVER start anymore till you fix that thing that you cannot fix.

So what do you do? You junk it. Tough decision for thousands of average income families in the middle of the recession!

I was one of them, no money in my pockets, a job waiting for me every morning and the only thing I owned was my car. It was a Saturday morning when it happened and I only had the weekend to solve the problem before having to go to work on Monday morning at 7am.

You know they say those are the only moments when you are really able to find solutions. I found it, I’m an electronic engineer and I took out that security system, spent the weekend digging it inside-out to understand what it was and how to kick it off my car. And I want to remark: MY CAR, not its car!!

I’ll tell you, on Sunday afternoon I was a sleepwalker, but with THE solution in my hands: a full bypass module that would

bypass vats and EVERY single component of the security system, the key, the lock cylinder and the Theft Deterrent Module itself! …And before it was too dark, that beautiful Buick engine was ROARING AGAIN!….My only regret is I threw away my old security system instead of taping it to a brick and sending it back to the manufacturer!

The nightmare was finally over! I couldn’t wait telling everybody. So I ran home and dropped down a web-page right out of my heart, so everybody could do this. It is relatively easy and you can do it yourself with the detailed instructions on the page, or I can do it for you if you want.

Get rid of those systems even if you still don’t have problems with them. If your car is more than 6 years old, it is only a matter of time before the worst happens – and the problem is that you never know when it’s going to happen… and where! And it’s just too hard when it hits!

Here is my web-page: – it’s simple because I’m not a web-designer, but I assure you it’s all in there.

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