The Bad News about Petrol costs in the UK and What You Can do about it!

The Bad News about Petrol costs in the UK and What You Can do about it!

Petrol costs in the UK and What You Can do about it

Petrol, probably one of the most annoying substances that we must all deal with! Even if you don’t drive, you will in some way be affected by the cost of petrol going up, whether or not that is through the cost of flights, food or any other products increasing in price because petrol costs to get these products to their destinations is ever increasing.

Averaging just over £1.20 a litre, petrol costs have reached an all time high in the UK. These prices will in someway effect how much it is you pay towards something. Back to the Petrol cost at hand for drivers though, a 40 litre petrol tank a week is probably going to set you back around 48 -50 pounds depending on how much you travel and where you get your petrol from. So saving on some of the miles you generate while driving your car is becoming ever more important!

Here are some tips that could become very useful in your day to day life when using your car. Some of these will be less effective for higher performance cars and those with 6 litre engines, so vary your tactics for more powerful vehicles:

• Short Distances are a killer for your petrol reserves, starting the car to travel only 400 or 600 metres which would equate to about a five minute walk are a waste. Starting your car uses more petrol that you might realise, so going up the road to get some food or supplies is best done on foot. Otherwise you may be using more petrol than you think (the milometer isn’t everything).

• Traffic and stopping for 5 minutes or so. Some people believe that turning off the engine of your car is a good idea if you have to wait for a couple of minutes or even less at Traffic lights or Traffic jams. Don’t do this, once again starting your car uses petrol to get the car’s engine running again, you could end up using more petrol than letting the engine idle.

Petrol costs in the UK and What You Can do about it

• Speed. This is a bit of an obvious one, but seriously using the inside lane of the motorway will help save those extra litres! The difference between how much petrol you will use travelling at 60 mph compared to 80mph (which you shouldn’t do anyway) is enormous. Your engine has to work harder as your speed increases burning more fuel. And the difference in time between travelling at 80mph and 60mph isn’t that great over a distance of around 20 miles. You will be lucky to save yourself 10 minutes.

• Keep your engine in good condition. Oil is a great contributor to keeping your engine working at optimum efficiency. Making sure that the engine is kept topped up with oil means that it can run smoothly and effectively, while also keeping your engine alive!

• Tyres are another massive factor. The condition of your tyres helps the car to run smoothly, meaning you have to struggle with it less (less tread could result in wheel spins, using more petrol and damaging the tyres even further). Although it might not waste that much petrol over the course of a couple of journeys, but give it a year and you can see the effects!

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