<title> Tata Nano Available on the Indian Market</title>

Tata Nano Available on the Indian Market

Tata Nano is already in the Tata Motors India distribution network and from April 1.2010 it can be find in the authorized outlets. Although in the limited numbers it is already a symbol for the Motorization of the every Indian family. The new factory is on the way and will be finished this year (in 2010). The annual production is estimated to 350.000 Tata Nano cars.

The Classic 1965 Ford Mustang

Tata Nano is going to be offered in three trim levels: Tata Nano Standard, Tata Nano CX and Tata Nano LX. The Standard version of the car is going to be offered in three colors, single color seats and fold down rear bench for added cargo space. Tata Nano CX will be offered in five colors, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), two color seats, parcel shelf, assisted breaks and fold down rear seat. Tata Nano LX is going to have everything from the CX version, central locking system, front electrical windows, mobile charger point, body colored exteriors in three premium colors, fog lamps, electronic trip meter, cup holder in front console, and rear spoiler.
The first two trim levels are available in BSII* and BSIII* emission norms and the LX version is BSIII* and BS-IV* ready.

Performance: The all-new 2-cylinder aluminum MPFI 624 cc petrol engine delivering 35 PS at 5250 rpm and a torque of 48 Nm at 3000 rpm. This enables Tata Nano to have a top speed of 105 km/h and negotiate inclines with a grade ability of 30%. The fuel efficiency is very high and it is 23.6 km/liter, certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) under mandated test conditions, which is the highest for any petrol car in India. The high fuel efficiency and low overall weight of 600 kg, ensures that the Tata Nano with 101gm/km has the lowest CO2 emission amongst cars in India.

The Classic 1965 Ford Mustang

The Classic 1965 Ford Mustang

The Classic 1965 Ford Mustang

Tata Nano safety performance is beyond current regulatory requirements – it passes the roll-over test and offset impact, which are not regulated in India. It has an all sheet-metal body, reinforced passenger compartment, crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, besides mandatory seat belts and complies fully with existing Indian safety standards. Tires are tubeless and the rear pair is wider than the front one which makes Tata Nano more stabile and safer for driving.

It is strange how the car with so small exterior can offer that much spacious passenger compartment in which four adults can comfortably seat . With a length of just 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters and height of 1.6 meters, Tata Nano has the smallest exterior footprint for a car in India but is 1/5 more spacious than the smallest car available today. A high seating position adds to the additional comfort. Its small size coupled with a turning radius of just 4 meters, makes it extremely maneuverable even in the smallest streets and parking slots which are in the abundance across all India.

Note: BS II, BS III and BS IV are the India mandatory norms for Nitrogen Oxides, Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and particulates. These norms are substantially aligned with the European norms Euro II, Euro III and Euro IV; the main difference is that the peak speed in the extra urban driving cycle is 90 km/h in India and 120 km/h in Europe.

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  1. Lena Lacroix says:

    This is such a great little car! It seems they modernized it since the first concepts were introduced.

  2. bodybuilding says:

    The tata vehicles are really great and cost effective. I stay in south africa where they are readily available and have been thinking about purchasing this one