<title> Satellite TV In Your Car? You Bet!</title>

Satellite TV In Your Car? You Bet!

As we approach life a la The Jetsons, more and more cool technology is being made available and applicable in our everyday lives. We don’t have flying cars or robot maids – yet, but we do have some outstanding things that we can easily add to our arsenal of entertainment.

We have all seen those neat-o DVD players for the family vehicle. Great for the kids, and long trips. Parents are reveling in the absence of “Are we there yet?”, and the perpetual whining of long days on the road.

Satellite TV In Your Car You Bet

Now, if you’re a regular traveler or someone that spends a lot of time on the road, you’d have to keep a whole lot of DVDs on hand. A person, including the kiddies, can only watch a movie so many times before the inevitable boredom and complaints start rearing their ugly little heads. But, what if you could get satellite TV piped into your car?
Yep, we’re talking about hours of Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Channel, or Soap Channel, TNT and SyFy. Whether you’re trucking, traveling in an RV or Eurobus, or just spending days in the car, you can have live programs pumped into your traveling living room.

How is this done? The satellite companies like Dish Network have made these futuristic-looking satellite discs that can be attached to the top of your vehicle, without affecting the aerodynamics. The signal adjusts to your continuous motion to keep a link to the orbital satellite, so you can watch TV just like you were at home. As long as you have a clear view of the sky, you have your favorite channels at your fingertips.

Satellite TV In Your Car You Bet

Pretty cool, huh? No more watching The Incredibles or Tomb Raider for the thousandth time, unless you want to. No more missing the latest episode of Phineas and Ferb or CSI. If this idea raises excited little goose bumps on your limbs, then check with your local satellite provider for more information about how to make it a reality.
It may seem like science fiction or a prop in a cartoon, but you can have satellite TV in your car. Now, how about those housekeeping robots and flying saucer cars?

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