Renault Announces Europe’s First Front Swivel Seat for New Clio

Renault Announces Europe’s First Front Swivel Seat for New Clio

Renault is famous for its innovation and to confirm this status it has taken another step forward to become a first European car manufacturer which introduced front swivel seat. With presenting it in new 2010 Renault Clio, Renault is adding one ace up the sleeve in new Clio, making sure that getting in and exiting a car a lot easier especially for older and overweight people. We think it will be useful for everyone. Swivel seat is marking 20 years anniversary since the beginning of Clio era.

It is enough to pull a simple lever and the seat can be turned left or right and without additional effort a person is able to rotate the seat and place it in desired position. The rotation angle can be adjusted up to 75 degrees and it is designed for passengers of up to 130kg of weight. We can see this becoming a trend in many new cars, as this is so simple and useful; it is a real miracle it hasn’t been used widespread in the car industry till now.

Unlike many aftermarket conversion kits, it doesn’t require stripping the upholstery and any additional tasks; it is fitted in the factory and complies with all the passive and active safety guidelines. Just choose this option when you are ordering your new Renault Clio and enjoy the added flexibility in your car.

Optional swivel seat will be available in most major European markets from June (Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.), and it is going on sale in France starting at April, 7th, for Expression and Dynamique equipment levels. It will be offered in three-door and five-door versions of Renault Clio. All other markets will have to wait for several months, and introduction of the swivel seat in other models is expected in late 2010 and early 2011. The new seat was developed by Renault Tech, a department created in 2008 which main task is car customization and conversion after listening to the customers. With its working stuff counting as much as 180 people, they are ready and prepared for high level of customizations and working on a more brave future projects that will be proudly announced by Renault in next several years.

The optional swivel seat for Renault Clio in France is 1600 Euros.

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