High Energy Drinks, caffeine and driving a car alert and concentrated

High Energy Drinks, caffeine and driving a car alert and concentrated

I know that some people are regularly using a High Energy Drinks while driving in order to stay awake and focused. Generally this is a good strategy but only if they are used in the short period of time and if the effects of the caffeine last until get home.

Some of the energy drinks like No Fear contains 174 mg of caffeine while Monster and Rock Star have 160 mg (each). If you drink one can you are good, but two cans of energy drinks already can induce “caffeine intoxication”.

Caffeine intoxication occurs when a normal healthy person consumes more than 250 mgs of caffeine. Two cans of almost any high energy drinks have more than 320 mgs of caffeine so the consuming of two cans in a relatively small period of time can cause caffeine intoxication.

High Energy Drinks caffeine driving a Car

High Energy Drinks caffeine driving a Car

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, caffeine intoxication can cause restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia. This can be recognized if a person had: flushing of the face, irregular or rapid heartbeat, increased urination, muscle twitching, gastrointestinal disturbance, a rambling flow of thought and speech, irritability, and psychomotor agitation.

Larger doses of highly energy drinks which contain caffeine can cause mania, depression, lapses in judgment, disorientation, disinhibition, delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis. In some cases large amounts of caffeine rich high energy drinks, can induce anxiety severe enough to require medical attention. This problem is so serious that The British Journal of Addiction concluded that “caffeinism,” although infrequently diagnosed, may afflict more than 10% of the population.

So definitely there are some risks of driving on high energy drinks. The symptoms listed above can easily cause dangerous effect on the person while driving.

The smart use of caffeine or energy drinks is one can in the 3-4 hours period of time and the driver need to stretch the drink while driving. If drinking in such fashion there shouldn’t be a problem and the chances to get caffeine intoxication is minimal or none.

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  1. I do think is better go for diet coke as it is of caffeine free I think. Since I consumed 5-6 cans of diet coke everyday and I just love that.

  2. You consume 5 to 6 diet cokes a day? What on earth? Dude that is just terrible. I don’t mind drinking an ice cold diet coke after a game of football but 5 or 6 day would be too much.

    Some people need energy to go to the gym so caffeine drink is useful for them.