Chinese auto market shares and news

Chinese auto market shares and news

China auto market shares and news

China auto market is the largest car market in the world. So it is not surprise that every car maker and automotive company is aiming to have a presence in China and control as much share and percentage of the market.

In the next several years, one of the biggest automotive groups Renault-Nissan is aiming to have 10% of this market. Now the Nissan Motor has 6.5%. One of the Renault-Nissan plans is to make electric vehicles, but depends of the government subsidies.

German high end car maker BMW is planning to sell more than 30% more cars this 2010 year than previous 2009. As fourth largest market for BMW, China is very attractive for BMW. In 2009 BMW sold more than 90.000 cars, but this year can be better because the first quarter of 2010 BMW made some record sales of 36,579 BMW cars.

China auto market rose more than 50% to 13 million cars last year. In the next several years the car market in China can grow up to 20 million units per year.

China auto market shares and news

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