2013 Daimler Smart Fortwo, Forfour and Renault Twingo Alliance

2013 Daimler Smart Fortwo, Forfour and Renault Twingo Alliance

Daimler Renault Nissan Alliance Logo

A new alliance has been announced between Smart car maker Daimler and the French automaker Renault Nissan. The French automaker is well known as the producer of the small and affordable cars like Renault Twingo. The deal is signed for the development of the brand new platform for the new 2013 Smart for two, Renault Twingo. The four door four seater Smart is also on the agenda of this alliance. There are rumours that new Nissan Micra will share this platform too.

The alliance will have agenda to stop the negative results of the Smart in America. The small Daimler was selling in United States for years but it is clear that the market became more selective and tough in the last decade and unchanged Smart can not compete with new competitors in this segment.

Chairman CEO Renault Carlos Ghosn

Smart was not updated for years and the date for the new modern Smart is 2013 together with a new Renault Twingo. These two models will share the same platform, but they will be different by the interior and exterior design. The both vehicles will share the rear wheel drive which is already used in the current Smart cars. Renault Nissan will provide three and four cylinder diesel engines to Daimler which will be adapted to Mercedes Daimler needs.

Daimler will provide much stronger four and five cylinder gasoline and diesel engines for the Renault Nissan Group, which will be used for the Infiniti. All R&D for the new engines will be a joint effort between Daimler and Renault Nissan. Renault will also help Daimler in the development of the cars in the lower segments where Daimler is not proficient at this moment and Renault-Nissan will get help from Daimler in development of the new upscale models.

On the press conference, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and Daimler’s CEO Deiter Zetsche announced more than $2.6 billions in savings for both companies over the next five years. Small share packages will be exchanged or bought between Renault-Nissan and Daimler.

This is the clear sign that big automotive companies will pursue the goal to manufacture on a big scale with shared R&D. This will cut the cost for development and manufacture in order to cut the cost of the final products.

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