<title> 2011, 2012 New Dodge Charger, photos, price, info</title>

2011, 2012 New Dodge Charger, photos, price, info

Next generation of sporty Dodge Charger sedan shows off some new improvements.

The present model of Dodge Charger debuted in 2006 and thanks to the 4 dour concepts became very popular choice among the sport sedans. Many people choose Dodge Charger for their first car because this is the car which can do most of the transport needs.

The financial problems in Chrysler left Dodge Charger without any significant updates almost four years. This is changing because we just had the latest spy shots from the testing of this car somewhere in Europe. The recent buyout of Chrysler by Fiat brought so much needed financial refreshment, but also a new fresh ideas from the automotive industry from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Also for the added secrecy the new updated USA made Dodge Charger is tested in Europe.
The new Dodge Charger is not going to be a brand new model but it is go try the heavy face lifting, major cosmetic changes and some serious interior redesign.

2011 2012 New Dodge Charger

2011 2012 New Dodge Charger

New Dodge Charger is going to have more sensual design with a curvy design which is starting from the front fenders and continues to the lower part of the front doors and arcs at the rear doors near the door handles and finishing at the rear fenders. The car will also have a new LED technology tail lights and a major cosmetic changes to the rear end. The curves remind us to the original dodge Charger and have some styling details like 1968 models. The new lines will improve the fuel efficiency of the car with better aerodynamics solutions.

Dodge Charger is expected by the car industry and car enthusiasts in 2011, but the absence from the auto shows in the first quarter of 2010 is making us to believe that Chrysler will not start to make this car before the third quarter of 2011 which can mark the new Dodge Charger as 2012 model. There is a rumor about debut of the Dodge Charger in 2011 in at least one trim level. We expect to see this new American built car on the Los Angeles auto show. We are pretty certain that in 2012 Dodge Charger will be available in all four trim levels. New V6 3.7 liter motor with 290 hp and 260 pound feet of torque will be available for the SE and SXT models. The older 5.7 liters and 6.1 liter Hemi V8 with 365 and 425 hp is going to be a choice for R/T and SRT-8 models.

The new Dodge Charger price is expected to be close to the current model price of $25,000.

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