<title> Top ten automotive design schools</title>

Top ten automotive design schools

Top Ten Automotive Design Schools

A friend of mine asked me to make a list of a top ten automotive design schools in USA and abroad. His son has a wish to become automotive designer and after I saw some of his designs I gladly take this task. After some thinking I decide to make it public. I am not affiliated with any of the following automotive design schools and I am sorry if I miss anyone. You are more than welcome to drop a comment and enrich this list with your thoughts and suggestions.

Top Ten Automotive Design Schools

Top Ten Automotive Design Schools

Top Ten Automotive Design Schools

Top ten automotive design schools according to our research:

1. Dunwoody College of Technology: Associate’s in Engineering Drafting and Design Technology,
2. Minnesota State University-Mankato: Bachelor’s in Automotive Engineering, Technology
3. Baker College-Flint: Associate’s Degree in CAD and Design Technology,
4. Hochschule Esslingen near Stuttgart, Germany,
5. Hochschule Pforzheim near Stuttgart, Germany,
6. Westsächsiche Hochschule Zwickau in Leipzig, Germany,
7. RWTH-Aachen University near Cologne, Germany,
8. Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD, Milan, Italy
9. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
10. School of creation management, Paris, France.

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  1. Otty says:

    Dunwoody College of Technology is my favourite automotive design school…

  2. Do you know I was actually searching for another topic related to cars! I have not even thought that there would be schools dedicated to designing motor vehicles. I really believed it was that bespectacled engineer within the car manufacturer who with his “buddies” came up with the idea for a new model. I will never look at cars the same again. To think that some wonderfully creative individuals have actually devoted their education to motor vehicles is inspiring.

  3. Sunny says:

    Thanks for the information. It was really useful.