<title> The new Rolls-Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award</title>

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

All New Rolls-Royce Ghost was awarded red dot: best of the best. This is second major recognition for the design team at Rolls-Royce, after 2008, when Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe was awarded the same prestigious red dot award.

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

According to the judges, the original character and soul, combined with the accented exclusivity and rich, yet smooth and powerful flowing lines were the details that helped the new Rolls-Royce to win this tough competition. Classic values are pointed along with the new contemporary features of the 21st century.

Chief of design at Rolls-Royce, Ian Cameron was full of himself and very proud of his design team. “All the good words and the prize go to my team” – said Cameron. As a matter of fact, this automobile is simply breathtaking and deserves to win against the competitors. We are simply amazed how good looking it is, excellent opportunity to connect the aristocracy and luxury of the past and modern design language from the young and prosperous designers of 21st century.

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

The new Rolls Royce Ghost wins prestigious red dot award

Powerful horizontal lines are inspired from the yachting industry. Long uninterrupted lines are flowing between smooth surfaces and define the luxury and superior character of this vehicle. Wide and powerful shoulders are in contrast with long bonnet at the front and the nose rising forward, marking this long figure. Classical design elements are in perfect harmony with the powerplant that is state-of-the-art in the engineering world. Designers left an impression with this beautiful car. From the front the Ghost is looking like a jet plane that is ready to take-off.

Let’s say a few words for the actual award. Red Dot Award: best of the best is one of the most prestigious awards that the design world knows today. It has been awarded every year since 1955, not just in the car design industry, but also in architecture, interior design, home appliances and consumer electronics, also in fashion industry and science.

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  1. Rahul mehta says:

    Hope to make lots of money with my IM and the ride a car like this.between I bookmarked your site,thanks.Nice collection.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hi, wow what a car!

    How is the protection with those Rolls Royce? Better than pansar?

  3. John says:

    It looks good but still, my favorite Rolls-Royce model of all times remains the Phantom.

  4. sms says:

    Do you know distributor of Rolls-Royce in India as I want to see this beautiful car in detail.

  5. laurence says:

    This car is new and stylish but by favorite will always be the Phantom. But I would still love to drive this one day

  6. son says:

    wow,it look nice ,but i don’t like Rolls-Royce.it look too formal for me

  7. Graham says:

    I agree the Rolls is a fantastic car, but when (not if) I have the monet I will spend it on a Skyper D8 Peking to Paris, this has the same suicide doors but can do 185mph!

    Class with speed, the other thing is there are not many of these around, compared to the RR.

  8. While I do like the new Rolls-Royce, I really doubt any of us would be able to afford this beast. Isn’t it somewhere around a quarter of a million dollars? If I had that money, I’d be investing, not spending.


  9. Man, the leather interior just looks so incredibly smooth. Would love to just sit in the seat of one of these babies!

  10. wow.. awesome car. Rolls-Royce it self is status symbol for high profile people and particular this looks royal. I suppose Rolls-Royce can not be found in all countries , I thing in that case people import it because I have never seen Rolls-Royce this in my state

  11. Great looking car. I’m just really not sure it’s worth the crazy price tag! I’d be investing a long time after I could afford this car.

  12. Pushtiulk says:

    Great car