Statistics automobile industry statistics

Statistics automobile industry statistics

What statistics are saying for the car market shift in the last decade?
If the trucks and large gas guzzling vehicles was popular early this decade the case is not the same in 2010.

Today the automobile industry statistics are showing that the new customers are looking much more from the car. Today new car buyers are choosing cars with more efficient engines and cars which are more environments friendly. Also today new car buyers are considering buying a hybrid vehicles and fuel cells vehicles.

On the following photo courtesy of, current Statistics of US automobile industry is shown. Automobile industry statistics is very important so the new market trends can be recognized quickly and it allows the car making companies to react accordingly and on time.

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During the last decade the trend of buying a large car or truck is slowly fading away. Instead of buying a large vehicle, today customers are considering a brand more than ever. The luxury is not enough. The brand and the automaker company logo is also a prestige.

The other important fact is how the new purchased car is losing value during the years. The new car buyer is not thinking only how to purchase a new car but also what that car is going to be worth after 5 or 7 years from now.

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