<title> Saab Resumes Independent Production, Workers and Supporters Happy</title>

Saab Resumes Independent Production, Workers and Supporters Happy

Saab Resumes Independent Production

Saab is one of the most neglected premium car brands in the world. Maybe they need some good marketing and sales agents, but Saab cars are well known for their quality, reliability and premium feel for years, but only to car enthusiasts. They need to convince large mass of people, and for that they need new sales strategy.

Saab Resumes Independent Production

The production lines of the Newly-Independent Saab were restarted and the production resumed several days ago. New cars began rolling again at Saab Automobile’s state-of-the-art Trollhättan and the workers and supporters, including me, are very happy for the good news. This marks a new era for the Swedish premium car maker as a totally independent company. Saab Automobile CEO, Jan Ake Jonsson, Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller and Trollhattan Plan Director Gunnar Brunius, were witnessing the appearance of the first batch of newly produced cars rolling out from the assembly line and getting ready to be transported.

The production was stopped for seven weeks, but with the help and money of Spyker Cars NC, which in turn purchased the Saab Automobile, the production is continuing with full throttle.

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