<title> Mazda will license Toyota Hybrid Synergy Technology in future models</title>

Mazda will license Toyota Hybrid Synergy Technology in future models

Mazda is recently making very good looking cars that are also reliable and they are selling well on all markets across the globe.

Mazda will license Toyota Hybrid Synergy Technology in future models

To make things more interesting for Mazda, we have heard some official stories that Mazda will license Hybrid Synergy Drive from Toyota, the technology gem that lies inside best-selling hybrid in the world Toyota Prius. Mazda wants to use proven and reliable technology inside its future cars and engines (Sky Engine), which are currently in development stage. If everything goes up to the plan, Mazda will be able to offer hybrid vehicle on the Japanese market by 2013.

Mazda plans to reduce fuel consumption across the whole range of its models for up to 30%. According to Mazda, it will provide its customers with advanced and superior technology with high performance on road completed with extensive driving enjoyment. Mazda is naming her technology: Building Blocks, because, their scientists and engineers are solving the common problems and advancing step by step, block by block, hence the name. Fuel consumption will be reduced with an addition of start-go systems, which switches the engine off when the car is at the traffic lights, regenerative battery charging while braking and other advanced systems.

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  1. Do you think the recent Toyota controversy might cause a backlash for Mazda by using Toyota parts? I’m not an expert on this topic, but I’m speculating that the public might not find it as appealing as it would have before the Toyota recall occurred here in the US.

  2. Will this cause an increase in the cost of Mazdas? If Mazda is shifting their business onto Toyota I sure hope that Mazda makes enough profit to survive.