<title> Lada in Formula One</title>

Lada in Formula One

This season Lada logo is going to be on the Renault F1 cars.
Renault team is strengthened with a Vitaly Petrov which is the first ever Russian driver in Formula 1. He will be a partner to the Polish driver Robert Kubica.

Lada in Formula One

Lada in Formula One

Lada in Formula One

Russian company Avto VAZ owns Lada and Renault have 25% ownership in Avto VAZ. This decision will make Renault more popular in Russia and for the same reason the Russian driver was brought to the French Formula 1 team.

Lada is well known in Russia and the former Soviet Union as an automaker for cars and terrain vehicles, but it was exported in many countries through the whole world. The jewel in the Lada stable was and still is Lada Niva, a small and affordable terrain vehicle which off-road capabilities are still not surpassed by any of the off road vehicles in the world. Lada Niva design is 20 year old with minor cosmetics changes on the exterior and interior of the car.

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  1. maurelet says:

    pourquoi pas ?une ├ęcurie en plus

  2. admin says:

    If you say so… :-)

  3. Is this for real? The photographs look like miniature toy models. The lada I know is a good car, they are cost effective and have a good reputation. I am keen to read more about this formula one car.