India’s and World’s cheapest car Tata Nano in Flames

India’s and World’s cheapest car Tata Nano in Flames

India and World cheapest car Tata Nano in Flames

Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world and it was a Tata Motors Company biggest threat to the automotive competition in India, but also in the world. But probably cheap price tag of $2.500 comes with a price. And that price is the safety of Tata Nano.
There are at least three and probably four, reported cases for Tata Nano in flames.

In 2009 there was three reported cases of the burning Tata Nano in Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Delhi.
The newest reported case of Tata Nano in flames was reported by the software engineer Satish Sawant. He bought his car from the dealership and the first celebration ride together with his wife and small kid end up in flames.

Burning Tata Nano flames

Seconds after they live the tiny car the flames start from the rear mounted engine and within minutes the whole car was burning in flames.
Mr. Sawant was offered a replacement or refund, but now his wife changed her mind and she does not like to own a car anymore.

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  1. well. you pay for what you get.

  2. Too bad. Even if Tata is cheap this shouldnt happen. Tata also gives poor people a chance to own a car and they need to make sure they do a better job producing these cars.

  3. note to self : don;t buy a tata nano

  4. We hope, Tata Motors will do best to protect future buyers. I hope this car accidents will not happen again.

  5. heh… as u sow so u reap…