BMW Ordered 240 000 Diesel Engines for American Police

BMW Ordered 240 000 Diesel Engines for American Police

BMW Group is proud and announcing that that they have received a major order from Carbon Motors Corp. to build and ship more than 240,000 diesel engines. Carbon Motor Corp. is the only car-maker in the world established with the sole purpose for producing cars for Law Enforcement Agencies. The cars are destined for the home (US) market.

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG was more than proud to speak about this huge deal for BMW. He and William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO of Carbon Motors Corp. signed the contract at a ceremony that took place in Washington D.C. few days ago. The specifications are as follows: BMW will produce and deliver more than 240,000 inline 6-cilinder diesel engines, together with complete cooling and exhaust gas systems. The package will be completed with Automatic Transmission System that is so common for US market.

BMW Group Carbon Motors

BMW Group Carbon Motors

BMW Group Carbon Motors

This is one more confirmation and recognition of the BMW leadership in technology development. BMW Group head people must be very satisfied; they have bitten the German competition once again.

For Carbon Motors Corp. this is very big opportunity to produce cars based on proven and latest technology, while having a stable partner with huge experience in car producing business. US Law Enforcement Vehicles will now be more efficient, lowering the fuel consumption for about 40 percent while delivering sporty performance and agility, all combined with much greener emissions.

American Taxpayers will be please to know that the USA is optimizing and cutting costs and always thinking ahead.

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  1. I doubt this will happen in New York, but that would be cool. Very futuristic.

  2. That does look pretty cool. Have you seen the police Mustangs?

  3. I don’t think the US Voters would go for BMW’s for cop cars, but it would look sweet!

  4. The cops are quite lucky to get cop cars as standard as these and criminals BEWARE !!

  5. Awesome, Really looking very very nice

  6. Very good BMW cars. American polices very lucky..

  7. While that is one sweet looking car. I would probably be genuinely scared if that beast was tailgating me. It’s also very stylish. I don’t think the US should buy foreign cars. I mean I don’t think the US should buy cars that aren’t manufactured in the US.