<title> Audi official website</title>

Audi official website

Which one is Audi official website?
Actually Audi has many official web sites. For USA, Audi official web site is: http://www.audiusa.com
On this official Audi web site you can find a lot of information about Audi, dealerships by state and area and a page for the owners of Audi car and much more.

Audi Official Website

Audi Official Website

Audi Official Website

There is also a link to the global Audi site:
On this site visitors can learn not only for the Audi cars, but also for the factory and production of the Audi cars. On this web site there are many micro web sites with different content and everybody can find something interesting.

The most interesting web site for anybody who does not have money to buy Audi is their Audi collection web site:
On this site you can not buy Audi car but you can buy other overpriced stuff like t-shirts, pens, luggage and etc… The best on this site is the dark haired hot girl on the main page, but she is not for sale. If you continue with browsing you can find a Coffee Mug with Audi Logo for $19 or backpack for $130.

Audi Official Website

Audi Official Website

For the United Kingdom the official Audi web site is:
It is very interesting the difference between the official Audi USA web site and the same one for England. On the American web site the Audi motto is Truth in engineering and on the English official site is Vorsprung durch Technik. Of course in England the official language is English like in USA.

We wonder what the meaning of this difference is. Is this just a lack of thinking during the making of this web site or Germans simply like to remind the Brits who is the boss?

Problems with Audi a4

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  1. Thanks for giving the link of Audi’s site, I really admire these cars and their performance are truly at it’s best!

  2. Audi, has and still is my favorite car manufacture. There is no question, the sustainability is evident of the quality and class of these cars. Look at this convertible.

  3. Audi has sustained and prospered through many economic cycles. This in itself proves the worth of the vehicles produced.