Ultra Cheap Cars

Ultra Cheap Cars

Do you need a new car?

Dacia Logan

You do not need to sign up for a loan and let the banks suck your blood and earn on your new car. We will give you the all necessary information so you can decide which car to buy if you save your lunch money in the next one or two years. The magical words are Ultra cheap Cars. Most of the car makers have some plans for building these ultra cheap cars and the others who do not have plans or ideas for this low segment are desperate and are looking a way how to join this new trend.
These cars are coming new from the factories with a price tag from $2.500 to $10.000.

First on the list is European hit. Dacia Logan is developed with a joint forces of France based Renault and Romanian car producer Dacia. Renault and Dacia launched Logan in 2004. Other car producers on the old continent were caught with their panties down. First the Logan was not taken very seriously because the consumers had an idea that for a good car they need to pay much more. With a base price of $6.600 and an engine with 75 hp it was unbelievable cheaper from the competition. The Romanians stripped all less important systems from the car and even power steering was an optional feature. In 2007 Dacia launched another popular model based on Logan -The Logan-minivan. This seven seat minivan has a price tag of $11.000. Now with a near half a million sold cars in 50 countries Logan is a competitor on which anybody in the car business must count.

Chery QQ

Chery QQ is the ultra cheap car and is coming from China. A base model is coming with a price tag of $3.900 and with some extras the price tag is not bigger than $5.200. Chery QQ is coming with a 0.8 or 1.3 liter gasoline engine and it is very similar with Daewoo Matiz and in 2005 GM Daewoo filled a suit against Chery Corporation for copying their car. Chery QQ is very popular in China but also can be bought in Middle East and Latin America. Chery QQ will step on European market later this year and the first destination is Turkey. The USA premiere will be together with bigger brothers in the next few years.
The other Ultra Cheap Car is Merrie Star. The base model is with a price tag of $4.200. It is produced in China and the market is Southeast Asia and Africa. The producer of Merrie Star is Gelly Ningbo Zhejiang factory. Their plans are to show up on the USA market by 2010.

Fiat Palio

Fiat Palio was launched in Brazil in 1996 with a price tag of around $5.000. The new generation of Palio is really an eye catcher. The European name for Palio is Punto and on the EU market is more expensive. In the last few years the production of Fiat Punto is in the former Yugo factory which will cause further low price tags for this car. The name of the Serbian version of this car is Zastava 10.
In 2002 the Korean car producer Daewoo Motor was bought by GM. The very popular Daewoo Matiz with a base price tag of $5.000 for the Asian market was a good start in the Ultra Cheap Cars Segment, so GM did nothing else but change of the brand and some face lifting. The old-new model was called Spark and the price tag is around $6.000.

2010 Chevrolet Spark

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