Smart forFour 2013

Smart forFour 2013

The Smart Forfour was a relatively unsuccessful hatchback for 4 people and was produced only 2 years between 2004 and 2006.

Smart forFour 2013

The Smart ForFour was marketed and sold by Smart and it was produced by Ned Car with a big help from Mitsubishi Motors. The production took place in Netherlands. In order to cut the costs Smart ForFour shared the platform and most of the components with 2003 popular Mitsubishi Motors model Colt. If we number all components including chasis, suspension and MIVEC petrol engine there was not much difference from the Mitsubishi Colt 2003. Actually the Smart ForFour 2004 was nothing more than repainted and restyled Mitsubishi Colt 2003. For this small difference the owners of the Smart ForFour was paying between 30 to 50% bigger price than the owners of the other models in the same segment.

Smart forFour 2013

Smart forFour 2013

The Smart ForFour had a place for 4/5 passengers and modern petrol engines with three cylinders and 1.1l, 1.3l and 1.5 liters. The 1,5 liters engine had 107hp (80kW). Smart ForFour also was available with a diesel cdi (common direct injection) engine with 67 hp (50kW) and 94hp (70kW).

It was the nice car, but dye to the high price it did not impact the marked as were planned.

But all that is behind the Smart company because now they have a plan for a 2013 Smart ForFour.

Smart and the parent Daimler AG are planing a four door hatchback with a room for five people. This model will be offered as Smart ForFour, but also as ForTwo+2. The new vehicle is expected to be promoted in 2013 which means that on the USA market will be available in 2014. The company is also considering a three passenger Smart Roadster.

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  1. Your comment that the ForFour was nothing more than a repainted and restyled 2003 Colt is completely inaccurate. The ForFour had GRP panels, making it a lot lighter than the Colt. The engines were mapped/tuned entirely differently….so different that the ForFour is actually quicker and more economical.And the interiors of both cars are also different and they are not interchangeable. You also omit the incredible Brabus ForFour, with a sub 7 second 0-60mph time, and a top speed of 150mph !
    And finally, the diesels (1.5 litres and 3 cylinders) are the most powerful diesels for their size. it is not uncommon for these to be re-mapped (not chipped) to 135HP with 280Nm of torque !
    Not far off in performance to the Brabus !

  2. Thanks for your opinion and clarification.
    We just point a cooperation between Mitsubishi and Ned Car.
    Actually you brought our point – Smart ForFour largely depend on Mitsubishi Colt and Mitsubishi technology.

  3. The smart four looks like a very green and efficient model for the future. Looking forward to seeing this on the road.

  4. I’m from indonesia and i just want to know where Smart made from?

  5. Whatever they have in common with Mitsubishi Colt, I am 100% firm that I would never want to drive a colt or buy it for my girlfriend, while Smart ForFour is something I always wanted to drive at least once. Hope that new one will be even more stylish.

  6. Fancy car, i like that. i must get offer this car

  7. I think this car looks quite smart. The color toning is fantastic and if it does have some commonality with the Colt, so what, but that does not appear to accurate. I would expect any vehicle being produced today would be more efficient. I am not sure that lighter is better on the road, but none the less all the safety features appear adequate.

  8. The smart ForFour in the two tone is very cute. I think this car will be very popular with women. Very nice indeed. Private number plates comment is particularly interesting! I wonder if this model would be a good fleet car!

  9. Cool car, today I’ve finally bought my 1st car. Weeee I’m very excited thanks. This model are really superb.