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Peugeot iOn Concept

Peugeot iOn Concept – info and price….
Peugeot is for a long time on the electric cars market. With Peugeot 106 which was made from 1995 to 2003, Peugeot is not only the pioneer in electric vehicles, but to this days it is remains the manufacturer which sold the most “zero-emissions” cars in the world.

Peugeot iOn Concept

Now Peugeot will attack the electric car market with his new concept Peugeot iOn. Actually Peugeot iOn is Mitsubishi iMiEV under the lion brand.
Peugeot iOn can travel 130 km on the single charge and the new lithium ion batteries can be charged for only 30 minutes. For this time in the rapid charge mode the batteries can be charged up to 80%, and for 100% charge in normal charging mode 6 hours will be needed. With this battery performance Peugeot is pushing new border in the electric cars technology. The maximum speed of the new Peugeot iOn will be 130km/h which is more than excellent for the vehicle which will be used mainly in the urban environment.

Peugeot iOn is 100% electric vehicle and it not be mixed with a hybrid cars like Toyota Prius and Honda Insight which main source of power is the gasoline motor and the electric motor is for the assistance when greater power is needed.

Peugeot iOn is a four door mini mono volume car with a length of 3,48m. The maximum power is 64 hp (47kW). Torque is 180Nm. Turning circle is 4,50m.
After some thinking about Peugeot iOn, we find out that this vehicle will be excellent for the taxi service, primary in the cities with a high traffic jams and high pollution. This small lion will easily find his way and in the same time not single gram of CO2 will be emitted in the city environment.

Peugeot iOn price
Although Peugeot iOn is marketed as the new vehicle it is actually very similar to Mitsubishi iMiEV. Peugeot and Mitsubishi have a long time relationship. The collaboration on Peugeot 4007 (read: re skinned Mitsubishi Outlander) was so good that in Peugeot was decided to have the same with Mitsubishi iMiEV. So now the Europeans have new full electric vehicle Peugeot iOn.
Our wild guess is that the price of the new Peugeot iOn will be near 30.000 euro, but with some government incentives it can drop under 25.000 euro.

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