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LHD cars

LHD cars – Left Hand Drive Cars

LHD Cars

The term LHD cars, Left Hand Drive Cars or just a Left Hand Drive is used only in the handful of countries, which are using the cars with a steering wheel on the right side.
In the dealerships for the new or used LHD cars in the UK, Australia, Japan and a couple of more countries where the use of the Right Hand Drive Cars is common, the term LHD is used to mark the cars which have a steering wheel on the left side.

LHD Cars

It is unusual for the people in the countries where the left hand drive is usual and normal, to apprehend and understand why this term exist at all and why is used, but in the above mentioned countries it is regular and normal to mark the left hand cars with the term LHD.

Almost all car producers in the process of planing and constructing the new car models are usually planning all cars as LHD cars. After the launching of the production of the LHD cars, they are making a minor adjustment in the steering system and cockpit of the car to produce RHD cars. Only few United Kingdom car models are planned as the right hand drive cars and then adjustments are made for the production of the same models as the LHD or left hand drive cars.

LHD Cars

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