<title> Electric cars – Shifting of the wealth</title>

Electric cars – Shifting of the wealth

Electric Car

Many people are asking me why we do not have more electric cars on the roads. Sometimes before I have a chance to answer, other people are entering into discussion and I have a chance to give my opinion after some time of arguing, some technical talks and ill informed ideas. There are sentence – Opinion are like as#@ole – everybody have one. So I have mine too…

Electric Car

What are the electric cars?
I check Wikipedia for the answer and even the first sentence made me angry! Wikipedia says: “An electric car is an alternative fuel car that uses electric motors and motor controllers instead of an internal combustion engine.” – End of the sentence.

Electric Car

Electric Car

So what is wrong with Wikipedia?
The answer is: They use the term “alternative fuel”.

This is the first one of the few main problems why we do not have more electric cars on the roads. The electric car is commonly seen as something alternative, something only for the geeks or people who do not need a “regular” and “normal” car or for the environment zealots. So the most of the people thing about electric cars in the term: less convenient, expensive, hard to maintain. Asking or consulting an expert is not even considered.

After all why to buy an electric car?
We need to buy electric car for many reasons. Pollution, global warming, unrest in the Middle East, rising gas prices, protecting our independence from the foreign resources…

Imagine your city without hundreds of thousands gas burning monsters on the street and replaced with the same number of quiet, clean, cheap and affordable vehicles. Imagine every house as the station for charging. No more pollution, significantly smaller global warming, no more military presence far away from home. No more blood thirsty dictators with precious oil wells in their hands.

Electric Car

Electric Car

But they are expensive for producing and maintenance? And there is no technology for cheap production…

This is another common and wrong opinion. Most of the people thing electric cars are expensive and hard to produce, which is very wrong. Let me to introduce with another sentence from Wikipedia: “Electric cars enjoyed popularity between the mid-19th century and early 20th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for automobile propulsion, providing a level of comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time.” Actually the electric cars were produced, hmmm… 150 years ago?

Almost 100 years ago in 1914, a company called Detroit Taxicab and Transfer Company was using over 100 electric cabs. They build their own fleet and successfully operated in Detroit. Their customers often were waiting for a smoother, cleaner, more tasteful electric cab, even when a gas-powered cab was already on station.

Electric Car

Back in those days electric cars were common sight on the streets of the big American cities. They become a symbol of the women independence and liberation. Well dressed they preferred to drive clean, quiet, and smooth pollution free electric cars.
Back in those days well mannered ladies with white gloves were driving these cars to shop, hair dresser or a lunch. In New York from 1905 to 1920 there were charging stations all over the city.

Electric Car

It is surprisingly but even Clara Ford, Henry’s wife, drove an electric car produced by her husband competition – 1914 Detroit Electric Brougham. She was using this electric car until the 1930s, using it to visit friends and drove to the family’s Michigan estate. Another automotive tycoon wife – Helen Joy, wife of Henry Joy, president of the Packard Motor Car Company, was using a 1915 Detroit Electric.

So the bottom line is that there are big chances that your great-grandmother had one. This makes me to believe that electric cars can be produced cheap in large volumes.

Shifting of the wealth – The biggest reason.

There are electric motors and battery producing plants all over the world. The other parts and equipment are easy to source, find and cheap to buy. If the electric cars become a new consumer trend the profits will be sheared among thousand of companies around the world.

The wealth will shift to the companies which in this moment have nothing with automotive industry. So the big automotive companies will not have all profits for them. It is simply not possible for them to put and control the whole business or a big part of it. So their solution is to ignore the electric car.

That is the main answer on the well known question:
Who kill the electric car?

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