<title> Coda electric car – boring, expensive and unpatriotic</title>

Coda electric car – boring, expensive and unpatriotic

I made some small research about the new Coda full electric car and I do not like it at all.

Coda electric car

Coda electric car

First of all Coda is one boring car. The design is like 15 years old and the front is looking like Yugoslavian and Italians joined to make a small affordable car, but not in 21 century, but right after the WW2. And Yugoslavians are in charge for the design! The rear end is looking like the first model of Hyundai Accent (which is a good car for the money).

Second but not less important is that Coda full electric car is going to be made in China with a USA government help?! In the time when the domestic automotive industry is badly hit by recession, greed and incompetence, the USA government is helping China automotive industry with a couple of hundreds millions of $ to hit American market! One of the most important electric car parts – the battery system is going to be build by Lishen Battery Co. (the world’s largest manufacturers of lithium-ion cells) located in Tianjin, China. Lishen Battery Co. already makes lithium ion batteries for American companies like Apple, Motorola, but also for Samsung and Vodafone.

Coda electric car

Coda electric car

Coda electric car

Coda electric car

Third, Coda full electric car have less than impressive technical characteristics. The range with a full charge is going to be 90 to 100 miles (read: 80 miles). For the full charge Coda will need 6 hours on the 220V AC. For the charge on 110V the time will be much longer. Coda full electric car will be powered by 33.8 kwh electric motor which is weak and the car speed will be electronically limited to 80 mph. Coda electric car will accelerate from 0 to 80 mph for 11 seconds.

Fourth, Coda full electric car will be expensive and the price tag is 45,000 US dollars. The government AGAIN will give away $15,000 so the possible customers will need to pay $30,000.

Personally I am not very impressed by Coda full electric car. For less money I can buy Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. With these cars I will not need a second car for some more demanding transportation needs like going to visit my grandfather who is living 120 miles from my place. With Coda full electric car after 90 miles I will need to find some motel to sleep over, while Coda is recharging the batteries.

Coda full electric car can be a fine delivery vehicle or taxi intercity car, or even a company car for driving around the city. For a family man like me, with a serious transportation needs it is not in my sight for the next car shopping.

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  1. Great Article, I love the fog lights they look funky, 90 miles on 1 charge is pretty good if you were just going around town.

  2. You’re right, the price is too high for such a boring design. Is it supposed to be charged from home or some special stations (for example if customer is travellin’)?

  3. I am impressed that the Chinese have at least provided another option of alternative fuel with Coda full electric car. This is a positive, yet I too have concerns that we are pushing new cars out into the market without any thought for the future or the fact that there are so many cars on the road. What are we doing? Everyday i read of a new car release.