<title> Kia Motors to continue the success with a new president</title>

Kia Motors to continue the success with a new president

Kia Motors to continue the success with a new president

Kia Motors will get a new president….

Kia is one of the fastest growing auto makers today on all global markets. Hyoung-Keun Lee will try to continue and improve the success of his company, in which he already gave a huge contribution. Among his other tasks, the most important to mention are:

  • Head of Kia Motors’ Western Europe and China operations
  • Over 30 years of experience within Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group on various positions

Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee takes over the position from his previous role as Senior Executive Vice President and COO of the International Business Division at Group headquarters in Seoul. Mr. Lee will bring much needed experience and leadership qualities at the head of Kia Motors, and the people at Kia are confident that their position in auto world will improve in areas of strategic corporate planning and moves, alliances and technology advancement.

During his working time as vice-president and COO, Mr. Lee was very successful combating high oil prices and developing saving measures, as well as giving a green light for some key car models that are successful on the market against the competitor’s models.

Again, we are mentioning record sales result for Kia Motors on a global market. 2009 first-half result show again that Kia is gaining some new market share and that they are walking a straight road to success.

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