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Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia

Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia frontview 1

Electric cars are becoming more popular mostly because they are clean, quiet and owners do not need to go to the gas stations. Every time when the electric car need to be refueled, the proud owners can just plug in the car in the wall and the next morning they can have the full autonomy. In the recent years the time for the recharging dropped to 3 hours for full charge.

Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia frontview 2

Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia frontview 3

One of the recent designs with a charging up to 3 hours and the autonomy of 250 kilometers is the new Croatian design of electric car. The code name of this electric car is Docking XD, where X stands for the x-shaped rear lights and D is for the name of the company – Docking.

Docking is the company from Zagreb, Croatia and is famous for the extended family of demining electric vehicles. In the last couple of years, Mr. Vjekoslav Majetic, the owner of this small but vibrant company was turning his eyes toward the auto industry. He was thinking how to use the company experience and knowledge for an electric drive of the demining vehicles. The answer was the new electric car which is still on the drawing board, but there are some serious simulations and 3D models.

On the development of Docking XD electric car also is working Igor Juric, an industrial designer with experience in development and design from the projects for Opel, Porsche and Mercedes. Mr. Igor Juric is also an owner of the few patents which use can significantly shorten the design and construction time, but also the expenses connected to the research and development of the new electric car.

Power: Docking XD electric car will be fitted with two electro motors with a combined power of 90 kW. These electric motors will be placed inside the front wheels and will deliver 600Nm of torque. The top speed of this electric car will be 120 km per hour. Batteries will be the most expensive part of Docking XD so the future buyers can choose to have lead batteries which will be cheaper but also will offer less autonomy or the state of the art lithium ferrous phosphate LiFePO4 batteries which offer 250 Km autonomy.

Exterior: Docking XD is 260 cm long electric car with a 3 doors and all glass rooftop. In the future the glass roof can be replaced by classic roof for the customers who would like safer car.

Interior: Interior of Docking XD is not finished yet but it is for sure that will have steering wheel which can be placed on the left, right or in the middle of the vehicle. The seats for this electric vehicle will be custom developed and will add a note of exclusivity.

Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia frontview 3

Price: The estimated price is set on 10.000 euro for the vehicle with lithium ferrous phosphate LiFePO4 batteries.

Future plans: The future plan of the Docking Company is development of sport two-seater which design code name is Sisak and is very similar to design of the Bugatti Veyron.

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  1. ivvon says:

    when he comes out?

  2. admin says:

    It is not yet decided if Docking XD car will be mass produced…Funding has not been secured yet and there are still bureaucracy problems surrounding this beautiful concept!